Post Brimstone

Digital Release June 22, 2015

AnalogueTrash Records

Post Brimstone [Expanded Edition]
Digital Release August 26th, 2016

Cassette Release August 26th, 2016

AnalogueTrash Records


1. Face Them All

2. We Are The One

3. Second Chance

4. One Moment

5. Until There's Nothing Left of Us

6. In Disguise

7. One Moment (Nature of Wires Remix)

8. We Are The One (Avarice in Audio Remix)

9. Second Chance (SØLVE Remix)


Vocals - Christopher Gurney

Track 9 Additional Vocals - Brant Showers

Music and Instruments - Christopher Gurney

Lyrics - Christopher Gurney

Mixing and Mastering - Christopher Gurney

Recorded at IIOIOIOII Studios

Album Art - Christopher Gurney


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